Fortune 500 quality, individual music program flexibility

Our platform is the same system used by major corporations including Wells Fargo and Reuters, among others. No other platform offers this kind power and reliability in music education. Yet it is so easy to use, allowing individual music programs to customize content for even individual students.


  • Mobile apps for Apple, Android and Microsoft
  • Online web-viewing system for any computer
  • Virtually any file may be offered (mp3, mp4, pdf, jpg, etc…)
  • Super easy content management; drop in a box, save and it’s live!
  • Access to Jazz Conception content (Style, Improvisation, Blues, Modal, Saxophone, and more)
  • Low annual cost, as low as $29.95 per student

Customized Apps and Jazz Conception Content:

Our platform allows students to instantly access music, recordings, video and books all downloaded in one place on their mobile device. Content may also be viewed online with any computer, but we believe mobile is the way of the future.

Here’s an example in the Jazz idiom using our Jazz Conception content:

  1. Specific Bb blues big band chart, all instruments
  2. Recording of chart
  3. Video performance of chart
  4. History of composer and arranger
  5. Jazz style and phrasing studies
  6. Bb blues licks for improvisation
  7. Bb blues theory
  8. Multiple recordings of masters improvising on Bb blues

All downloaded on their phone or tablet. Available anytime, anywhere, no data charges, no spotty service.

Contact us at or call (917) 387-4184 for more details.