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Jazz Education for the 21st Century

Welcome to Jazz education in the 21st century. Universal access to world-class courses with incredible curriculum that can be customized, all delivered by innovative technology that allows teachers to oversee student participation.

Tons of content including highest quality, interactive video lessons, video play alongs, e-text books, historic performances, assessment system and educator resources.

Course content appropriate for most levels (beginner to med-advanced) and works together to build knowledge, vocabulary and musicality. Students learn how to improvise with logic and depth using authentic jazz style.


Technology at Home, Traditional Teaching at school

Student can use any computer or our iPad app to take courses in jazz improvisation and jazz style at home. Teachers integrate what students have learned in class or rehearsal. Detailed lesson plans and study materials are included, and teachers may customize content b adding any written material, including theory studies, solos and charts.


Select a key, then music appears for discussions or demonstrations in videos or when studing e-book lesson content. Video play alongs designed to practice lesson material and help student rhythm sections sound more authentic. View performances by jazz giants.


Master account allows teachers to monitor when and what each student has studied. Improvisation course includes multiple choice tests that students take online, with all test result appearing on master account. Accountability and results.

Available Courses

Jazz Improvisation-Part 1: Jim Snidero, instructor. 10 video lessons, 18 video play alongs, two e-books, select historic performances, assessments, educator resources.
One-Year subscription-$49.95

Jazz Saxophone: Jim Snidero & Walt Weiskopf, instructors. 6 video lessons, 8 video play alongs, three e-books/booklet, select historic performances.
One-Year subscription-$39.95

Case Study and Select Programs

A case study conducted over one semester at Foxborough High School (MA) showed that our improvisation course improved skills across a board range of student abilities and levels (see case study on our website).

Our courses are used in school districts across the US, including Spring SD (TX), Fairfax Country SD (VA) Williamsville SD (NY), and many outstanding high schools and universities and Miami Dade college, among others.

Educator Testimonials

“We’ve found that the improvisation course works very well in conjunction with our own jazz curriculum. It’s well presented, informative, and greatly helps students focus on the all-important fundamentals of improvisation.’
-Warren Sneed, Houston School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA)

“The blues lesson brings all the concepts into focus, and gets the kids playing like real pros. More importantly, they “got it’ and were having a blast!’
-George Murphy, Ahem Middle School, Foxborough, MA

“This improvisation course is brilliantly conceived, well organized, methodical, and thorough. The students have responded favorably to the material and I plan to continue with it in the future.’
-Mike Diliddo, Miami Dade College, FI

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