Anyone can improvise

NEA Jazz Master Jamey Aebersold's best-selling classic "Anyone can improvise" video. Newly formatted into 8 chapters with 31 sections, this workshop is now logically organized with sections instantly accessible. Booklet is now standard size that can be printed.

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Anyone can improvise excerpt

Bebop scales

Newly Organized Chapters

  1. Why anyone can improvise- 4 sections
  2. Basic forms- 3 sections
  3. Improvising in Major- 2 sections
  4. Playing the blues- 6 sections
  1. Practice, Ear Training and Mood- 3 sections
  2. Piano comping- 1 section
  3. Improvising techniques and concepts- 7 sections
  4. Putting it together- 5 sections

Booklet is now standard 8 1/2" x 11" size and may be printed

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