Jazz improvisation Part 1 & 2



Step-by-Step: Skill, Language, Creativity

No Random Lesson, No Wasted Time and Money


Here's what you'll learn:

  • Tons of licks and vocabulary
  • How pros crystalize and simply theory
  • Create lines with beautiful contours and balance
  • Using goal notes to connect lines
  • Develop instincts that let your improvisations flow
  • The art of timing, pacing and solo Construction
  • Secrets pro use when playing the blues
  • How to always keep your place in the form
  • Most efficient ways to practice
  • Setting goals and time management
  • How to develop both perfect and relative pitch
  • How to really swing. Many pros don't get it
  • Using scales & arpeggios to create peaks and valleys
  • Instantly hear basic chord qualities

Jazz Improvisation Part 1 & 2 page- video link

  • Blackboard #1
  • Rhythm Section
  • Improv portals
  • More v less
  • articulation
  • 4 blues
  • Miles example

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User Testimonials

"I am really blown away by what you are doing. I can not imagine how much private lessons covering the same material would cost, and it looks like there are years worth of material to practice."

-Bill F., Colorado

”Having gone through several of the lessons of the improvisation workshop ‚ I think it is great‚ especially for the price. The workshop covers a lot of ground, and you can come back to a chapter over and over and benefit from doing so”.

-John T., Virginia

”I would like to also add how thrilled I am with your workshop. They give me so much pleasure apart from improving my skills at an unprecedented pace”.

-James C. - England

”I have signed for jazz improvisation workshop 1 and I am starting to work on and find this workshop very interesting and well done. Congratulations for the quality of this!”

-Bernard R.- France

”I’ve already learned a lot and liked every moment of the material: the workshop is even better than I expected”.

-Fernand T. - Montreal

”Such a wonderful educational format, and being able to access the classes when it bests fits my schedule is terrific”.

-Joan P.- Wisconsin




- Twenty one (21) TV quality video lessons, over 250 minutes!

Clear insight by one of the most experienced jazz musicians, authors and educators in the world. A great teacher makes all the difference.

- Eighteen (18) TV quality video play along with one of the world's best rhythm sections

The closest you'll get to being right there with the best. Play along while experiencing astonishing film works and world-class sound.

  • Hundreds of music examples on improvisation techniques including: creating syncopation, line contours, using goal notes, timing and pacing, scale/arpeggio exercises and combinations, 2-measure phrasing, more v less concepts, riffs, release techniques, perfect pitch, relative pitch, classic jazz articulation, note choice effects, range effects, and much more.
  • On the blues; Hearing the changes, classic blues licks, best use of the flat 5 sound, mood changes using the shifting 3rd, creating lines, memorizing vocabulary and more. 
  • Classic patterns used by Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, George Coleman, Herbie Hancock and others
  • Carefully selected video and audio performances of the greatest of all time. Watch and listen without leaving your course.
  • TV quality video and audio production. 
  • Groundbreaking, interactive technology. It’s an "Education Innovation” (Downbeat Magazine).


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  • NEW- Print and/or download printed music. It's yours forever!
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  • Select your key to view music (Concert C, Bb tenor, Eb alto, Bb trumpet, bass clef)

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    "Absolute top-of-the-line in quality and content. You are getting the benefit of a truly experienced educator (Snidero) using the most up to date tools and techniques available for anyone interested in learning jazz. Someone has finally put it all together!!"

    David Liebman, Legendary Saxophonist (Miles Davis, Elvin Jones....)
    Artist-in-Residence, Manhattan School of Music
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    "These are fantastic, comprehensive courses on improvisation and jazz saxophone playing for students on virtually any level. I recommend it highly."

    Charlie Pillow -
    Premier NY Multi-Instrumentalist (Michael Brecker. Maria Schneider,...)
    Assistant Professor of Jazz Saxophone
    Eastman School of Music
  • quote6

    "Jim Snidero is a virtuoso jazz saxophonist, composer, and arranger. He is equally gifted as an educator. The Jazz Conception strategies are exactly the ones we utilized in the "woodshed" as young musicians. With this information and a disciplined practice routine you can absolutely increase your fluency and mastery in the jazz idiom. Take it to the next level!"

    Conrad Herwig
    World's leading jazz trombonist (McCoy Tyner, Joe Henderson,...)
    Chair of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University