Great Jazz Artists

Create hip, musical and logical improvised solos using techniques that only great jazz artists can truly explain and demonstrate. We've got some of the best!

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Video Demos

See excerpts from lessons and play alongs, our innovative iPad app, online streaming system for any computer and fantastic video and audio production quality.

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Incredible Content

Tons of content including interactive video lessons, video play alongs, e-books, integrated historical performances and assessment system. All in one course.

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The Ultimate Music Book®

Study anytime, anywhere. Our iPad app allows content to be downloaded, creating "The Ultimate Music Book ®". Also, Study online with any computer, tablet or smartphone!

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Courses are appropriate for most levels (beginner to medium advanced). Content works together to build knowledge, language, and concept.

User Testimonials

"I am really blown away by what you are doing. I can not imagine how much private lessons covering the same material would cost, and it looks like there are years worth of material to practice."

-Bill F., Colorado

"Having gone through several of the lessons of the improvisation course, I think it is great, especially for the price. The course covers a lot of ground, and you can come back to a chapter over and over and benefit from doing so."

-John T., Virginia

"I would like to also add how thrilled I am with your courses. They give me so much pleasure apart from improving my skills at an unprecedented pace"

-James C., England

"These courses are a phenomenal learning opportunity for students of jazz improvisation. My saxophone playing went to the next level with valuable tips on improving my tone, ear and solo composition."

-Byron V., Iowa

"I have signed for jazz improvisation part 1 and I am starting to work on and find this course very interesting and well done. Congratulations for the quality of this!"

-Bernard R., France

"I have to tell you, this is the best jazz and sax tutorial I´ve ever seen. Thanks for all the hard work"

-Michael, Ohio

"Such a wonderful educational format, and being able to access the classes when it bests fits my schedule is terrific."

-Joan P., Wisconsin

"When I started playing the sax recently after a 40+ year hiatus, improvising seemed a bridge too far. Using the JCC courses, however, I learned quickly and comfortably the skills to be a Jazz musician."

-Harris M., Virginia