Jazz Improvisation Part 2

Learn Jazz Improvisation from critically-acclaimed saxophonist Jim Snidero (Downbeat critics &readers poll). 11 lessons, 10 authentic play alongs, 100’s of examples. One Year Subscription, $16.95

Music Book

“I’m really blown away with what you’re doing. I cannot imagine how much private lessons covering the same material would cost. - Bill, Colorado

Lessons Plan

  • 01The Blues 1- Harmonic gravity, bass lines, blues “trance”
  • 02The Blues 2- Minor pentatonic v flat 5, shifting 3rd
  • 03The Blues 3- Scale concepts w shifting 3rd, blues licks and choruses
  • 04Bb7 concepts 1- Hearing and feeling form
  • 05Bb7 concepts 2- Lining up ideas with changes
  • 06Bb7 concepts 3- Timing and entrance variations
  • 07Melodic Concepts 1- Syncopation and melodic fragments
  • 08Melodic Concepts 2- Peaks and valleys, musical context
  • 09Melodic Concepts 3- Melodic contrast and goal notes
  • 10Model Concepts 1- Balance, contrasting motion, more v less
  • 11Model Concepts 2- Expanding more v less, color, range and AABA form

Rhythm Section

Each lesson includes a play along designed to practice lesson content

Rhythm Section

Lessons examples can be printed in C, Bb, Eb and bass clef

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