Chris Potter

Learn from one of the best jazz musicians in history. Twenty two (22) lessons, in-depth interview, transcriptions, LA performance. One Year subscription, $29.95

Music Book

Three exclusive solo transcription
from LA and NY performances

Lessons Plan

  • 01Develop your awareness of time and floating over the rhythm section
  • 02Odd note groupings creating hemiola
  • 03Practicing musical flow with these shapes and groupings
  • 04Rhythmic and harmonic “targets”
  • 05Using chord substitutions
  • 06Creating unaccompanied solos, including new solo transcription
  • 07How and why Chris’ tone has evolved over time
  • 08Chris’ tone exercises
  • 09Sonny Rollins influences and recordings
  • 10Negotiating different tempos
  • 11Vibrato preferences and style
  • 12Methods for developing technique
  • 13Alternate fingerings
  • 14Altissimo techniques
  • 15Developing good intonation
  • 16Composing influences
  • 17Transcribing arrangements
  • 18Conceiving new compositions
  • 19Composing Ilimbia
  • 20Conceiving solo sections
  • 21eys in relationship to moods
  • 22Composing Sonic Anomaly.


A one hour interview exploring Chris’ philosophy on learning, developing a personal voice, musical context, listening while performing, integrating the piano, and more. Incredibly comprehensive.


LA Performance

  • Three amazing pieces filmed at The Blue Whale in LA, Sonic Anomaly, Ilimba and Heart in Hand.
  • Chris Potter-tenor and soprano, David Virelles, piano, Ben Street, bass, Dan Weiss, drums
  • Incredible solo transcriptions of Chris on Sonic Anomaly and ILimba.
Sonic Anomaly


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