Artists Apps

Fortune 500 quality, recording artist flexibility

Our platform is the same system used by major corporations including Wells Fargo, Reuters, among others. No other platform offers this kind power, flexibilty and reliability in music. All content is encrypted within our app, preventing users from sharing with others.


  • Mobile apps for Apple, Android and Microsoft
  • Online web-viewing system for any computer
  • Content encrypted, preventing sharing
  • Individual accounts may be deactivated at any time
  • Virtually any file may be offered (mp3, mp4, pdf, etc…)
  • Backend analytics to learn fan preferences
  • Super easy content management; drop in a box, save and it’s live!
  • “Up-sell” fans with new products directly through app
  • Low annual cost, as low as $22.95 per user

Customized apps for individual artist products

Our platform allows artists to securely organize all their products on a single app. Fans may download content, all logically organized in one place, creating an “Artist Module”.

Here’s an example of artist content downloaded on app:

  • Audio recordings and teasers
  • Exclusive video performances and interviews
  • Sheet music
  • Books
  • New Products section
  • Materials for individual private students

Fans or students purchase products, which then show up on their app. If products are updated, user receives update notice. If artist teaches privately, materials can be assigned to individual students.


Finally, artists can offer downloaded yet secure content. No more rip offs with content shared on the web.

Contact us at or call (917) 387-4184 for more details.